We are lifestyle coaches who help you improve your movement, health, and lifestyle with an ego free environment to provide a long term solution to your movement and health

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How We Help You


Weight Loss
Increased Strength

Increase Energy Levels

Movement & Mobility

Rehab & Pain Relief


Stress Management

Clarity & Focus

Motivation & Support

Relaxation & Meditation

Increased resillience to stress.


Better Performance

Improved Work Life Balance

Improve Productivity 
Improve Relationships

Results & Testimonals

"Highly recommend Oli as a yoga instructor, very professional and his enthusiasm is infectious! I have been attending classes with my 15 month old - so happy to have found a class that is child friendly! If you've ever thought of trying yoga, don't go anywhere else, the best yoga instructor I've ever had. Let's hope Kings Lynn realises how lucky they are.....sign up quick!"

" I can't praise this class and Oli enough because for me it has changed my life completely, I went from constant leg and hip pain to zero pain with the help of Oli and his amazing classes of which 2 are never the same which keeps things interesting. So if you have been sitting on the fence thinking about doing yoga then this is the class for you. Book now to change your life for the better"

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